BE | Remembering Summer Camp

It happened.

Camp. 2017.

Camp was a special time.  Always is. Always will be.  There is nothing like it.  As we got off the bus I saw the looks in the eyes of students, some excited, others terrified.  Each student had no idea how God was going to work in their lives.

I remember walking backstage.  It was night three and I was just getting ready to teach a message on how we are designed to walk like with each other, and I was going to give an invitation for students to receive Jesus for the first time.  I crept my head out from back stage and watched a sea full of students jumping, dancing, singing... the band was merely there to guide the singing.. students were leading themselves.  

And I cried.

The night was just starting.  

It was in this moment that I realized I was right where God wanted me to be, and each student was, too.

Students accepted Jesus.  A monumental moment that changed my life forever I know has changed many of these students.

Camp is camp is camp is camp.  It'll always be special, but this one... for those that attended this camp... was different.  Let me explain:

Camp won't ever have these same students at it again.

Camp won't ever have those leaders at it again.

Your family (or friends) that you met at camp won't ever be at camp again.

The messages, the conversations, the food... It all was unique for such a time as this.

The moment, that moment, the Summer Camp at Lost Canyon 2017 moment, was unique. 

So, don't soon forget it. Don't forget that cabin time that you broke down and felt loved for the first time. Don't forget that time a leader said something that will stick with you forever.  Don't forget that zip line burn you got. Don't forget that time you felt God speak to you. Don't forget that conversation you had with a friend behind that rock that changed your friendship. Don't forget that prayer your friend prayed for you. Don't forget the unique experience you had at camp.. Because, friends.. It was unique.

It changed you.

So, my challenge: live changed.  Some memories are meant to only be remembered... while others, like camp, are meant to be lived.  This memory changed your life.

Next Thursday,  live differently. 
6 months down the line, live differently.
Senior year, live differently.

This memory, while it is meant to be kept.. don't store it away... Live differently. BE who God has called you to BE.

Til' Next Time'